Our programs include jewelry making birthday parties and art classes for kids of all ages.

Birthday Parties

  • Our fun , easy & affordable parties for kids of all ages.
  • Kids will use polymer clay and design their own jewelry based on following themes
    • Nature
    • Animals
    • Disney Characters
    • Holidays – Easter, Halloween , Valentine and Christmas
  • Our party team will come to your home or any party place you choose.

Art Classes

  •  Let your kid imagination soar! Young artists will discover new ways to see and express their world. Children can let their imaginations take form by transforming their art skills into extraordinary master piece. This class will teach students different medium of arts including
    • Polymer Clay Arts
    • Texture Art
    • Pen Art
    • Pencil Art
    • Paintings –  Acrylic, Water Color
    • Seasonal Crafts